The Fieldhouse is 27,000 square foot and entirely Pro-Grass Turf.  The lighting was doubled during the engineering process and upgraded to all high output lighting.  The building was wrapped in six inches of insulation to maintain a warm environment in the winter, and cool training area in the summer.  It also boasts 40' ceilings and a mezzaine for fans to watch live games and additional training space.

Our pitchers enjoy the best indoor bullpen around.  We host the only indoor regulation dirt mound that is maintained daily.  A hose was even run behind the mound to spray the clay and ensure pitchers get a game feel while throwing a pen.  Partnered with a turf mound, we have all situations covered.  A full 70' was allotted to allow room for a catcher and stand in hitter.   

C-Side doesn't do cages, we do tunnels.  We created four 125' tunnels that can easily be split into three 40' cages.  Or, if needed during a camp we can create a groundball station, long toss area, or live pitching bullpen.  During our standard setup, we host six batting cages and two bullpens for Private Lessons, and reserve three cages for teams renting the field. 

The Lobby is both heated and air conditioned separtely from the fieldhouse to create a comfortable gathering space.  It also is home to all the trophies and plaques of our travel teams, photos of MLB players and coaches that visit, and our students who took their game to the next level and earned a spot on college rosters.  And don't forget about our snack shop!

When designing the facility, we had two people in mind; Players & Parents.  The lobby and seating area is for the rents! Comfortable and spacious standing room with full 24' bleachers both downstairs and upstairs.  Seating inside our lobby with large windows also allows an area for parents who want some peace and quiet to get last minute work done, or for students finishing up some homework. 

This is our 5th facility, and we learned from our past mistakes.  At this facility, we created meeting rooms to allow teams the ability to have pre and post practice meetings so they don't waste time when they hit the field.  The rooms are also used for Baseball 101 learning seminars and house our birthday parties. 

Welcome to the best baseball and softball training facility in the area.  Customers are welcomed in our lobby by double glass doors to see who is coming and going.  A vestibule also keeps the weather outside as you enter a family field environment inside.  Our front desk is polite and helpful while our trainers personalities make even the shyest students feel at home.  

Extra spaces were created to ensure ample parking for our customers.  We keep the lot clean, salted, and cleared of snow at all times.  Extra lighting was also added to the lot and private drive to keep our kids safe when entering and exiting the facility.  


C-Side is hosts the largest indoor infield in the region.   Organizations as large as 70 players can get a solid workout year round.  The field also is home to our annual Wood Bat League that is 8 weeks long and hosts over 30 teams and 200 players each Fall. 


Thats right, we put our bathrooms on our website.  That's because we put much effort into providing clean and convienent facilities for our customers.  The building was built in 2011, but you wouldn't know it.  Our staff works daily to keep C-Side clean, sanitary, and safe.  It's been said a business can be judged on their success by their bathrooms. 

baseball & softball only


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Washington, PA 15301

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Mon-Thur  2:30PM - 11PM

Fri-Sat-Sun  By Appointment


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