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cside washington MEMBERSHIPS

6 month member           $39.99 per month

After 6 months it automatically rolls over month to month and you must contact Chris to cancel

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Cage 1 & 2 have baseball pitching machines, while cage 3 has a softball pitching machine.  Baseball and Softball can rent any cage they choose, those are just where the machines are located if you wanted to use them.  Occasionally we open a cage 4, this cage has no machine.  

  • 3 cages dedicated to members
  • Discounts on lessons and camps 
  • Book online anytime, or walk in 
1.  Click Link & Register
2.  Click the Lines icon in top-left (Phone)
3.  Click the Buy icon then Memberships
4.  Find location, slide right to BUY
5.  Click BUY and proceed to checkout
6. Email and notify that you completed purchase.  Within 24 hours your unlimited package will be added

Memberships are six month contracts automatically rolled into month to month.  After the initial six months, you can cancel anytime with a 15 day notice.  You will only be invoiced per month, meaning you will only be charged once per month right from the beginning. 

Memberships are per family. Members can book cage rentals online no more than ten days in advance and no more than thirty minutes per day.  Members are welcome to stay longer then their reserved thirty minute if no member is booked after you.  Multiple members can book cage time in a row or at the same time to utilize more space or time, but every player must be a member and any one member can not book more than one 30 minute slot.  Any double bookings will automatically be deleted without warning.     


Any non-member that participates with a member's cage rental must pay a ten dollars per thirty minute fee before you begin you session.  You must pay online using the Non-Member Friend Button located above.  Please cancel any reservation that you will not be attending. Members can also walk-in for cage rentals, but online reservations have first rights.


No outside trainers are allowed to participate in a members cage time unless they are an Approved Cside Trainer. To become an Approved Cside Trainer, please email Chris at


No more than 1 Hitter and 1 Feeder allowed in the cage at any one time while hitting.  Live pitching vs hitter is allowed but requires the use of an L-Screen to protect the pitcher and helmets are required.   


Please hit at your own risk, use caution and common sense.   Always pick up all balls and trash, even if you didn't make the mess.  As a member, this is your home.  Absolutely no outside buckets or balls allowed.  We provide premium equipment for our members.  Any theft will result in expulsion and prosecution by law.  Any issues do not hesitate to call Chris at 724-503-4493 or 412-953-9234

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